"One of the best composers Britain has produced in the past century." (Martin Anderson, The Independent)






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John Gardner 1940s portrai

John Gardner 1951 portrait

John Gardner 1950s portrait

John Gardner 1960s portrait

Above- four portraits of John Gardner taken over a period of about 20 years, from the late 1940s to the late 1960s

 John Gardner, Malcolm Williamson, Richard Rodney Bennett and Edmund Rubbra

In the pit at Covent Garden in 1962. l. to r. John Gardner, Bronislava Nijinska Malcolm Williamson, Richard Rodney Bennett and John Lanchbery. Edmund Rubbra is seated at the piano. The four composers were playing the piano parts for a production of Stravinsky's Les Noces


John Gardner 1980s portrait

A portrait of John Gardner in the 1980s.

John Gardner and David Drummond, 1997


John Gardner and the conductor David Drummond on the occasion of the 80th Birthday Concert in St John's Smith Square, London, in 1997


John Gardner conducting, 1967Left: John Gardner conducting the  Choir of the European Summer School for Young Musicians (ESSYM), in Austria, in August 1967. Malcolm Arnold was also on the staff, and at the final concert in the Theater an Der Wien, Gardner conducted his Five Hymns in Popular Style whilst Arnold conducted his own 2nd Symphony.


John Gardner conducting, 1960s Left: As many people will remember him, John Gardner the choral conductor. This picture was taken at the Canford Summer School, sometime in the 1960s. As Gardner told Martin Anderson in a published  interview in the late 1990s "I think I am probably a choral composer more than anything, really. I ran my own choir and I've done a lot of summer schools and things, running choirs. I don't do it anymore now, but I think I was rather good at making people sing, and I rather like the act of singing myself."  

Photograph by Geoffrey Franglen

Right: John Gardner was a member of the Board of the Performing Right Society (PRS) from 1956 until retirement in 1987, whence he continued as a committee member of the PRS Members' Fund until 2005. He is pictured here with the songwriter Vivian Ellis and Lennox Berkeley, who had also been a Board member and latterly "President of Honour". The occasion, a PRS Annual General Meeting in the early 1980s.

John Gardner at PRS AGM with Vivian Ellis and Lennox Berkeley